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Want to know about me? Visit here: and there is one thing about me, In this earth no one could be your best friend, BUT.. My true friend is Computer, Internet and programming and always will be.. .. ya that's my fact whether you admit it or not.. And the most important thing is that "No one girl could love me", Because I'm the type of the boy who usually love to live in computer's or internet's or programming's world... That's why at the concern towards girls, she don't like me apart this factor describes I'm the kind of boring.. Well, I'm known as "Developer known as insane"... To get me on stackoverflow visit here ->> And here is my own website which i developed myself, obviously this is my first website which i developed when i was in 1st year in college,.. i know, some web developer will laugh onto it... this is first website to me, so this is memorable and can't delete it... visit here -->> At the moment, I'm working at I'm known as a writer in c-sharp..i developed my own website again for c sharp.. Visit here here -> Rajendra arora likes to do coding in java but his heart belongs to Android and C sharp. I usually prefer to do Android programming at night or free time..And get excited too about looking into the reference library or API too. whether it is C sharp or Java.. In my life, C sharp give me the strength about the creativity of logic's, Android gives me the excitement about that what's going on in our world and Java gives me the feel about API's or reference library which i usually get excited that what contains in it.. .. That's my life As well obviously, i would be on github too I've made my own API for Captcha easy to implement on JSP or servlet use this my open source API to develop your web application with pleasure! If you're looking to ask something, don't message me as private, join here my small group .. our small team help you with pleasure Group -> If you're a C# developer as well Java, obviously you sometimes might get confused in between "String" and "Main" . .. ..first questions come into my mind .." oh ..fu** .. Is this JAva or C#..! ".. .. Then i minimize and reopen the editor .. yeah this happens to me several time.. That sucks to me to use the lowercase or uppercase in between "string ( C# ) and main( JAVA ) .. I guess that's enough for now!! ..

Crawler and Robot by Rajendra Arora

I created a crawler using Selenium and Phantomjs to fetch products and price list from ecommerce retailers like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart and it stores information into my database.

You could review this project online from here:

This project was acknowledged in media in whole rajasthan state.

Media URL(Hindi newspaper):

Crawler and Robot

Again my project was acknowledged in Media, I create bot using Selenium and phantomjs for facebook, Completely bot operates my facebook account(included groups and others stuffs), linkedin and twitter account as well. it will show you online for 24 hours, Will give you response whatever you ask questions. You have to follow commands like:

my question: Where mumbai is located at india?

Bot will search over google and will collect all those links and directly will give you the response in a quick second as well will resolve your problems.

Media URL(Hindi newspaper):

Crawler and Robot